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246 Way Keno

1 usd

2-4-6 Way Keno the exciting variation over standard Casino Video Keno is here for your mobile devices! This Keno App is exciting as you use multiple Way Tickets all the while with unlimited credits and unlimited play!Similar to the Casino version with the same odds and payouts, 2/4/6 Way Keno is a simple game to play, as it works like a lottery; place a bet and mark 6 numbers. Your picks are automatically converted into 7-way tickets that allow you to win with several different combinations. Press Start and 20 numbers are randomly selected out of 80. If you hit enough numbers you win, and for ultimate jackpots you have multiple ways to win at once!
While maintaining familiarity with the casino version, our game has several extras; Atmospheric Casino background ambiance, jazzy sound effects, easy-on-the-eyes graphics and a win/loss/jackpot stats meter to track your play.
246 Way Keno is a pay once application. For only $1.99 you get the full game and all updates that come down the pike for free. There are no bothersome ads or crazy endless in-app purchases.